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Brandon Roy, Portland biggest kept secret

Posted on: December 20, 2008 4:32 pm

Oh yes yall, It's time I talked about Brandon Roy. I've been waiting for the right time to write about him. I was waiting becaue I didn't want to brag about a good game. I wanted to wait until Brandon Roy had a defining game. Well There is not better game to use for Brandon than the Thursday night TNT showcase of Brandon Roy against the Phoenix Suns. In that game Brandon cashed in 52 points 5 rebounds and 6 assists. He went 19-21 from the charity stripe, and left defenders holding their face in their hands.

Brandon Roy has quietly had success his whole carreer in the NBA. As a rookie he averaged 16 points and won Rookie of the Year. He then went on to be the only sophmore in the Allstar game, and was outplayed only by Carmelo Anthony. Now in his third year people across the nation are wondering, MVP? Brandon has done more with less and in a selfish team first fashion. His team mates respect him and believe in him. I have never seen a team huddle inbetween turnovers and inbound passes like Brandons team. When players make mistakes Brandon is in their ear giving them words of encouragement before Nate McMillan can even call a time out.

Brandon is that special type of player found in the league every 10 years. He's what Larry Bird was to the 80's, what Tim Duncan was to the 90's. Now Brandon is here. There may be flashier more prolific players in the league. But none have the team first approach as does Brandon. Brandon is a pass first team first player. He can take over a game when need be, but defer to a team mate if possible. For example. Against Phoenix, there is 1:20 on the clock, the Blazers are down 2 with Phoenix playing some of the best defense of the night. Brandon already has 47 points and the hot hand. with 5 seconds on the shot clock and an open shot, he passes to LaMarcus Aldridge for the go-ahead leaner. It falls in! Brandon could have sank it himself but he didn't. Thats the type of player he is. Brandon went on to score the last 5 points for the final score.

Thats the type of player that comes around once in a decade. I'm just glad he fell into our small lap

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Posted on: January 1, 2009 3:47 pm

Brandon Roy, Portland biggest kept secret

That's what I like about Brandon Roy, he's a lazy kid.

He could probably go between the legs and dunk it, if he really wants to, but instead he'll make the layup, or fake the layup and dish it out to one of his team mates. If we base the MVP on more than just stats Brandon Roy would win hands down. He brings the team together. I think he will become one of the greatest players ever in the history of Portland Basketball, maybe even better than my dear friend Clyde, only time will tell.

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Posted on: December 22, 2008 12:44 pm

Brandon Roy, Portland biggest kept secret

 I could not agree more about Brandon. Who could have guessed that a Husky of all things would be a such a such a big hit in Portland. The lack of flash is one of the things I like most about Brandon. He is about winning the game, not getting on SportsCenter. My favorite play of his this season is when he had a ball swiped from him and he chased the guy down the court and pulled the ball right out of his arms!

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