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Brandon Roy, Portland biggest kept secret

Oh yes yall, It's time I talked about Brandon Roy. I've been waiting for the right time to write about him. I was waiting becaue I didn't want to brag about a good game. I wanted to wait until Brandon Roy had a defining game. Well There is not better game to use for Brandon than the Thursday night TNT showcase of Brandon Roy against the Phoenix Suns. In that game Brandon cashed in 52 points 5 rebounds and 6 assists. He went 19-21 from the charity stripe, and left defenders holding their face in their hands.

Brandon Roy has quietly had success his whole carreer in the NBA. As a rookie he averaged 16 points and won Rookie of the Year. He then went on to be the only sophmore in the Allstar game, and was outplayed only by Carmelo Anthony. Now in his third year people across the nation are wondering, MVP? Brandon has done more with less and in a selfish team first fashion. His team mates respect him and believe in him. I have never seen a team huddle inbetween turnovers and inbound passes like Brandons team. When players make mistakes Brandon is in their ear giving them words of encouragement before Nate McMillan can even call a time out.

Brandon is that special type of player found in the league every 10 years. He's what Larry Bird was to the 80's, what Tim Duncan was to the 90's. Now Brandon is here. There may be flashier more prolific players in the league. But none have the team first approach as does Brandon. Brandon is a pass first team first player. He can take over a game when need be, but defer to a team mate if possible. For example. Against Phoenix, there is 1:20 on the clock, the Blazers are down 2 with Phoenix playing some of the best defense of the night. Brandon already has 47 points and the hot hand. with 5 seconds on the shot clock and an open shot, he passes to LaMarcus Aldridge for the go-ahead leaner. It falls in! Brandon could have sank it himself but he didn't. Thats the type of player he is. Brandon went on to score the last 5 points for the final score.

Thats the type of player that comes around once in a decade. I'm just glad he fell into our small lap

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Posted on: November 29, 2008 3:24 pm

The Importance of T to Portland


T stands for more then what follows S and comes before U in the alphabet to people in portland. T stands for Timber. T stands for Thunder and lightning and  Torrential down pours. T stands for Tillamook ice cream, "had to throw it in" or Timberline ski resort. But the most important meaning for T in portland stands for Trailblazer. Surprised?

The Trail Blazers have brought about a cultural change to Portland that some thought only Barrack Obama could bring. People once again are happy to openly voice their pride for a team that was once dubbed the "Jail Blazers".  As of November 29th 2008 the Blazers are 11-6 and more importlanly 7-0 at home. Now you might wonder why a home record is more important than an overall record. The reason being that in these tough economic times Oregonians, and some welcomed new fans from Washington are digging deep in their pockets to come see a game at the Rose Garden. For one night the Mortgage can wait, the cell phone bill can be a month behind. Or in my case as a kid, that homework assignment won't be worked on.

People are filling out the almost 20,000 seat Rose Garden every single night, and what do the Blazers give back to the community? Wins. Teams know now that when they come to portland nothing will come easy, especially wins. Behind the allstar talent of Brandon Roy, this young squad has had a cultural shift in a 4th quarter mentality. No longer do we play a lead to hold it. No, now we play a lead to extend it. Even last year when the Blazers got a 10 point lead they would play conservative ball. This year Nate McMillan and company press the attack. With Blow out wins against Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans at home the Blazers are sending a clear message to the rest of the league. NOT IN OUR HOUSE.

So I say that T means more to Portland because it's the truth. T means Tough it out, Team work, and Together we rise. And most importantly Trailblazers.


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Why Nicolas Batum starting makes sense

So news in Rip City A.K.A. Portland is that Rookie Frenchman Nicolas Batum will leapfrog Travis Outlaw and start for the Portland Trailblazers at small Foward.

Nicolas Batum is a 19 year who had a successful go with the French club Le Mans for 3 years in the Euro leagues. Since being drafted with the 25th pick in the first round by the Houston Rockets then traded to the blazers he's gone through an abysmal summer league then an out of nowhere success in the preseason. Last night vs the Sacremento Kings coach Nate McMillan gave him a chance to play with the starters. Batum scored 5 points on 2/9 shooting with 8 rebounds and 1 steal in 16 minutes of play. This writer believes that although his shooting was off, I mark that up as first start jitters, but you can expect that from an first year guy with his first start. the key to his success was his tanacity and ability to get at rebounds.

Now alot of Blazers fans feel that after Travis Outlaws great season off the bench last year it's finally his turn to have a coming out party this season. I say to them Hold on. Travis Outlaw is a great 6th man.  and the core of guys we have coming off a bench should not be broken up. between Rudy Fernandez, Sergio Rodriguez, Travis Outlaw, Channing Frye, and Joel Pryzbilla There is an underlying force to be reckoned with. You don't want to break a group like that up.

Don't take it from me though, this is what Brandon Roy had to say about the group.

"The second unit has an identity right now. They're a good team and they are going to be big for us. Rudy takes big shots, Travis takes big shots. You need two lineups. We're going to need our second unit to keep getting better because we are only going to be as good as they are." Promising words from the leader of this young team.

Nicolas Batum will be a fine addition to the first team until Martell Webster comes back in winter. He's not going to get alot of touches but his defensive skills will come in handy against teams with alot of offensive weapons. Travis will lead the second team off the bench and increase his productivity with the addition of Rudy Fernandez to spread the defense and give TO open looks. I wouldn't be surprised to see Travis get some starts with the first team through out the season as well.

Have faith Blazer Faithful, coach McMillan knows whats he's doing and he's got this fans support.

your thoughts?


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Why Portland has the best fans in the NBA


I was sitting in my office thinking about last season the other day. I had a specific game stuck in my head. It was December 21st, 2007. We were playing the Denver Nuggets at home. The Blazers were going for their tenth win in a row and the Rosegarden was explosive.  It was sold out and had the atmosphere of the playoffs. It was a great game that was fought down to the last second but what made me remember the game was what happend after we had won.  the streets were in potential riot. People were running around screaming "the Blazers are back", and "RIP CITY" until their throats collapsed. I know because I was one of them. Coming out you could see the huge RISE WITH US banner blowing back and fourth in the cold air by the river. I remember because it made me feel alive. It made me feel proud to be a Blazers fan. I remember this date because this was the day that the Blazers were reborn in the hearts of the fans.

There is a reason we are known as the best fans. We aren't called Blazermaniacs for nothing. What big cities don't understand is that this team is "OUR'S". It's on Burnside and 27th ave, the Ross Island bridge and Lloyd Center. This team is our everything. We don't have a football team, or a baseball team, or a hockey team. No, all we have are our Blazers, and quite frankley thats all we need. When we do good the city is alive, when we do bad it's like the weather, rainy and misserable.  We garnered the nickname for our city; RIP CITY from our basketball team! What cities have that!

We demand success from our team like a Parent demands good grades from their kid. We expect to win and win often. Our legacy of greatness is prove with the record for  the longest playoff streak in NBA history (21 seasons, 82-03 and 3 trips to the finals with 1 championship). We don't have a losing mentality and we expect our team to feel the same.

We don't get media hype. ESPN would rather talk about the Boston Celtics doing bad then the Portland Trailblazers doing good. The most coverage we got was when we had to fight through the Jailblazers. But as the no-nonsense fans we are, we told the staff where they could stick it if they didn't make our team respectable.

Many people during that time would say, well you didn't fill out the house for them! well your right, but not for the reasons you think. It wasn't because they stunk, but because we refused to support their actions off the court. (remember the parent line). 

We shook up the managment and told them to get the bad guys out.They brought us what we wanted, what we needed. Kevin Pritchard brought us a group of guys that would listen like Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden. They got us an outstanding coach in Nate McMillan.

 We are the best, most dedicated fans. I mean come on, we sold out our first preseason game! even the Sacramento Kings announcers said it was like a playoff atmosphere! Thats Blazermania, and thats being a Blazermaniac. So here is to you, my fellow Blazermaniacs! Lets be proud of our team and show the rest of the league why were the best fans. But most importantly lets RISE WITH OUR TEAM.




Being a Blazermaniac

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NBA Northwest Division Primer

                        Northwest Primer

It's October again and that means 2 things.MLB playoffs and the start of the NBA. Considering how lousy the Seattle Mariners are doing this year (61-101) I'm going to stick with Basketball. A lot has happend over the summer that has stirred up the Northwest division. The Timberwolves get Kevin Love in a draft day trade as well as a new pain job, Denver gives away Marcus Camby, Utah's athletes visit Beijing in style, Portland's Greg Oden is finally ready to go, and the Seattle Supersonics, I mean  the Oklahoma City Thunder are beginning their franchise in a new city. This could be an interesting year for the Northwest division where heated rivalry and a competitive atmosphere thrives. With all teams looking to take the top spot this year, it's anyones ball game.


Portland Trailblazer

The ast true Northwest team, the Blazers look to build off last years success with the youngest group of players in the NBA ,with an average of 23.6 years of age, youth is a friend. Expectations are high going into training camp with a list of potential allstars at Nate McMillan fingertips. The team remains virtually the same minus the loss of  key players like Jerrett Jack and James Jones. The Blazers also bring some fresh new faces full of talent like first round pick Jerryd Bayless, Ike Diagu, European and Olympic allstar Rudy Fernandez, and injured-no-more previous first round pick Greg Oden. The key ingredient they need to overcome this season is a lack of experience.Portland will look to allstar Brandon Roy to provide the much need leadership.As long as the core group up starters in Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden are healthy, big things could be in store for the rainy city. With a roster teeming with talent, the sky is the limit for the young team from Rip City.

Predicted Starters:

  1. Steve Blake
  2. Brandon Roy
  3. Martell Webster
  4. LaMarcus Aldridge
  5. Greg Oden

Predicted Record: 48-34





Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets have alot to prove this year. Denver could be the prototypical ying and yang of the NBA. The star studded offense lead by Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson has few equals, with the ability to put of 110 points a night. If that is the ying then the Nuggets defense must surely be the yang. After Trading Marcus Camby away for virtually nothing, the already struggling defense is going to have to produce. After Having the 29th ranked defense allowing 106.95 ppg last year and now giving away their best defender, the Denver Nuggets could be in for a long season full of 4th quarter victories and losses. If the team can learn to gel on that side of the court, then another playoff trip is likely.

predicted starters:

  1. Anthony Carter
  2. Allen Iverson
  3. Carmello Anthony
  4. Kenyon Martin
  5. Nene

Predicted Record: 45-37



Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz look to defend the Northwest divison title again this year with a group of veteran players. Deron Williams Andrei Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer are coming off Olympic performances in Beijing and looks to bring that success to the hardwood in America. The Jazz will look to Deron Williams to lead them in their quest for an NBA title. With 2 allstars on the team, the Utah Jazz are the favorites to win the divison again. with an all-around game (5th in scoring and 13th in defense) it's hard to find a weakness in this team, especially when they play at Energy Solutions Arena. In two seasons they boast a 68-14 record. Coached by Jerry Sloan, Look for the Utah Jazz to continue their success and win the dvision again in 09.

Predicted starters:

  1. Deron Williams
  2. Ronnie Brewer
  3. Andrei Kirilenko
  4. Carlos Boozer
  5. Mehmet Okur

Predicted Record: 50-32





Minnesota Timberwolves

Rebuild, rebuild, and more rebuild. Thats the word in the Minnisota this year. Like Portland, the T-wolves have alot of potentially talented players on the roster. With the aquisition of Kevin Love and the Return of Randy Foye. There is some real upside for the upcoming years, though the key word is the next couple years. There are some things to like about the timberwolves like the upside of Al Jefferson put up allstar numbers last year with  21 ppg and 11 rebounds a night. I wouldn't bet my 401k on the Wolves (as it now says on their uniform) making it past the regular season. A fifth trip to the lottery biding a small miracle happens is the the Timberwolves fate.

Predicted starters:

  1. Randy Foye
  2. Mike Miller
  3. Cory Brewer
  4. Al Jefferson
  5. Kevin Love

Predicted Record: 36-46





Oklahoma City Thunder

What a rollercoaster year it has been for this team. One day they are the Seattle Supersonics, the next they are the Oklahoma City Thunder. The hope is to turn the franchise around in a new city with a new image. The good news is that the team sold out their season tickets on the first day so crowd support won't be much of an issue. The problem in this team however lies with experience. with litterally no playoff experience and a young group of guys, some one needs to step up and become the leader. The odds on favorite would be Kevin Durrant, last seasons Rookie of the Year. Durrant spent most of the summer working out building muscle to put on his lean frame. The result should be an increase in numbers across the board. Don't expect this team to do much better in the win column with the exception of a few more wins at home. The idea is to keep the group intact and let them gel.

predicted starters:

  1. Earl Watson
  2. Kevin Durrant
  3. Jeff Green
  4. Chris Wilcox
  5. Nick Collison

Predicted Record: 27-55






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